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Meet Martin...

I am looking forward to assisting you on your success journey.  My passion is to provide you with value, so you can become an even more empowered leader.

Whether it is in the form of the written or spoken word...your ceiling should be unlimited.  Let's rewrite your story!

My Story

Many individuals spend their lives focusing on achieving greatness.  The success I achieved in life always seemed to leave me empty and unfulfilled.  Like many of you, I have had my share of real-life challenges.  I have experienced the thrill of winning.  I have experienced the agony of defeat.  Both left me with a sense that I had missed…big time!


It wasn’t until I became a part of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team that I realized my calling…my passion.  I realized that I had been focusing on my needs, rather than the needs of others.  I learned that when you focus on providing value to others, the returns are incredible…and always life changing.


I experienced a clarity of purpose that I had never before encountered.  It changed the way I wrote, as well as my approach to public speaking.   When you focus on the needs of others…how they are hungry for value, then work is no longer work.  It is invigorating and energizing.


As a writer, I craft persuasive marketing copy that enables businesses to efficiently grow their audiences with confidence.  Persuasive marketing copy is all about crafting a powerful story.  I create a story for each client…their unique story. 


When I speak in front of an audience, being able to connect by passionately sharing values, gives me the greatest joy.  Being authentic and being vulnerable in an intentional manner, is the key to reaching others on an emotional level.


Provide others with value.  It is the simple and effective practice that I try to model each day.


“Be a River, Not a Reservoir”


John C. Maxwell


“The success of failure will always long as you never quit”  


Martin Casper

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