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Key Speaker
Keynote Speaking


Cracking the Success Code.  It is simpler than you think.


You want to be a success?  Passionately embrace, failing frequently without fear. 

Build a culture of power and positivity.  Lead with a purpose!

Take the attitude that you never fail.  Rather, you’ve just perfected a strategy that will not work.  We believe that obstacles are just an exercise, so let's begin to unpack your inner greatness.

The Maxwell DISC Method


Being an effective communicator is a key factor in leadership.  When you understand the personality style of each team of your members, you can more effectively communicate. 


Understanding an individual's natural strengths, behavior style and motivation is the key to unlock someone's potential.


The Law of Awareness says that You must know yourself to grow yourself

The Maxwell DISC Personality Profile Assessment & Workshop provides you with that clarity. 

Ready to Get Published
Persuasive Copywriting


Do you want marketing copy that engages and compels action? 


Perhaps your marketing copy has stagnated the growth of your business.  Revenues have dropped off...along with your confidence.  You realize that you are stuck!     


I sense your frustration.  I would be too! 


Your marketing has missed building on The Big Idea...the foundation for all your marketing copy.  The solution?  Craft persuasive copy that intentionally focuses on The Big Idea.

Vertically Empowered

Where obstacles are just an exercise...

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